November 07, 2014

BBW Romance from Carolina Moon!

Starla Shanks is the cupcake queen of Sugar Hill, Virginia, and she plans to keep it that way. She had her diner, her friends, and her winning cupcake ribbons - for the last five years running. She might not be a size five like the yoga twins, and she might not be running every day like her neighbors, but she's happy with her just-right size and her just-right life. But word is out that this year's competition will be judged by the drop-dead gorgeous police chief, Roby Whitt. That's a problem. 

Roby is a health nut, and everybody knows that healthy people shouldn't be in charge of anything involving cupcakes. Now Starla has a choice to make: retire as the undefeated cupcake queen of Sugar Hill, or go head to head with Chief Whitt and try to tempt his sweet spot before the yoga twins take her ribbon. 

Starla's not a quitter and the yoga twins don't scare her one bit, but Chief Whitt doesn't want cupcakes. He wants a taste of sassy Starla. 

A flirty, funny romance about one determined BBW and the cop who secretly loves her. 

Genre: BBW Romance, Sweet Romance 
Length: 15,000 words