May 30, 2014

Brand New Boyfriends!

Remember your first time? Was it perfect? Terrifying? Embarrassing? So, so hot? Yeah…

For the gorgeous men in this story bundle, it’s a defining moment that’s full of passion, wonder, and all the heat of a sizzling summer sun. Ride along as these guys go from virgin to lover in no time at all, and love every minute of it. 

Mr. Shannon’s Secret – When Charlie comes out, he’s pretty sure he’ll be an outcast. He definitely doesn’t expect his boss to step in and show him a few things – like how important it is to be true to yourself. (15,000 words)

Fitting In – Spoiled rich kid Mac Stone is pretty sure he’ll die of boredom at the tiny college he has to attend, but then he starts to learn about the real world – and himself. (10,000 words)

Mentor – Lincoln Tanner is a little bit lost and confused when he finds an unlikely ally I a sexy family friend. Dominic offers a shoulder to lean on – and so much more. (16,000 words)

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