March 19, 2014

Shafted: New Gay Series!

Book 1: Seth
Jase remembers his first love well, even though he’s surprised that his old boss remembers him, especially after Seth kicked him to the curb so long ago. Now, in order to bury this old ghost, Jase is back in town, and he’s determined to show Seth just how it feels. 
6000 words 

Book 2: Caleb
Jase’s second stop on his personal revenge tour is one that he doesn’t relish, but it’s time to end his heartbreak over Caleb, the college roommate who took too much and gave nothing in return. This time, Jase is taking what Caleb never offered, but will it be enough to get him back to Bryan, his true love? 
6000 words 


Book 3: Jonathan
Jase is almost at the end of his journey, and he’s tired. All he wants now is to finish this and get home to Bryan with his heart intact. Revenge is sweet, but it will only be worth it if he can give Bryan the one thing he needs – a heart that’s free to love. In order to do that, Jase needs to settle one final score, and this time he’s got some help. 
6000 words