December 15, 2013

A Red Hot Cinnamon Christmas

Cinnamon’s boyfriend Chad is supposed to take her to her first real grown up Christmas party at the office where she works as a receptionist. She has big plans for the evening, including securing a hotel room so she and Chad can spend their first night together. She’s hungry to try out some sexy new ideas with him. 

Then Chad calls at the last minute saying he has to work. Cinnamon is so disappointed that she’s in tears.

Enter Ford, a sexy older man who’s been a friend of the family for as long as Cinnamon can remember. Ford is rich and successful, and he’s offering to be Cinnamon’s last minute date. Cinnamon has known Ford all her life and happily takes him up on his offer. But what about the rest of her plans? Does she dare try them, and will Ford discover just how red hot Cinnamon can be?
5500 words.

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