October 18, 2013


Get all of the Big Brother stories for the price of ONE!
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When hot men clash, sparks fly! 
This collection of twelve taboo stories will have you squirming in your chair. Bareback and beautiful, these gay men all find love where they need it most – close to home! They quench their thirst for sexy attention by exploring love under their own roof and offering affection to their oldest and best friends - their very own brothers. If you like taboo passion and hard, hot men, this book will be your next favorite!
49,000 words - it's like getting ELEVEN free stories!

Stories include:
Big Brother (Gay Incest)
Big Brother’s Perfect Fit (Gay First Time)
Brother Bull (Rough Gay Sex)
Big Brother Beach Crush (Gay Public Sex)
Big Brother Blow-Up (Gay Incest / Sex Toys)
Big Brother Payback (Gay Gangbang)
Big Brother Is Watching (Gay Voyeur)
Big Bother’s Cop Cock (Rough Gay Sex)
Big Brother’s Panties (Gay Crossdressing)
Big Brother’s Secret (Gay Incest)
Daddy’s Hardware (Gay Menage)
Leading Little Brother (Gay Incest)

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