September 20, 2013

Babysitter Cures The Blues!

Robyn, a sophomore in college, has been babysitting for the Jenson family since she started high school, so she’s almost like part of the family. She still stays with the Jenson boys once a week to give Mom a little play time. 

That all comes to a screeching halt one day when she arrives at the Jenson house and all she finds is a note - a note containing some bad, bad news. While her thoughts are still reeling from this, Mr. Jenson calls. He’s been out of town for months and very anxious to get home to his family. Now he’s fifty miles away with a broken down car. Robyn happily offers to pick him up. This will give them a chance to talk, because she has something to tell him that she’s sure is going to break his heart.

Then an unexpected thunderstorm changes their plans and they end up in a motel room where more than one secret is revealed. Will Robyn be able to mend Mr. Jenson’s broken heart or will he be the one who gives her the special attention she needs? 

This story contains one handsome older man and a younger woman who shows him that his life is about to get a lot sexier!
4500 wds.

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