August 27, 2013

Revving His Engine!

Mechanic Vic has it made: a state of the art garage, all the tools and toys he could want, and all supplied by Baxter, his secret billionaire lover. There’s just one little catch: Baxter has installed a camera system in the back of the building so that he can record and watch Vic have sex with other wealthy clients. It’s the perfect way to enjoy his hot stud, even when he’s out of town.

Lately, Vic’s had his eye on a sexy young hunk named Yancy. Now, the billionaire wants Vic to break Yancy in under the watchful eye of the camera. However, Vic’s idea of “breaking him in” and Baxter’s are two different things. Vic needs to fool Baxter – and the camera. Can he do it?

This 6,500 word story contains a hot gay virgin, a billionaire lover, and a sexy mechanic with a plan.

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