August 20, 2013

Penthouse Perfect

One hot BBW, one sexy stranger, and the chance of a lifetime...

Shy, snarky Lia Davies’ life isn’t turning out to be what she’d dreamed of, but that’s OK. 

She has a nice apartment – inherited.
She has a job – she hates it.
She has a car – it’s broken.

So when she runs into the sexy, swarthy Joel Cortran on the way down from his penthouse, she’s pretty sure that there is zero chance of him being interested in her. But then he offers her a ride to work, and gives her his personal number, and she’s floating on air. 

That is, until she finds out that he might just be as underhanded and untrustworthy as her boss. No thank you - she runs for the hills. 

That’s when he chases her, and she discovers that the man in the penthouse isn’t the man she imagined, but maybe he’s the man she needs.

This is a standalone novelette of approximately 11,000 words. 
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