May 30, 2013


A Pocketful of Hot is ButtonFly's tribute to Gay Pride Month!

We love everything man, and the very best time to celebrate is now! This collection is an erotic novel - length book: ten of our best-selling short stories serve up a full 50,000 words of hot gay sex that is guaranteed to blow you away! From gay doctors to gay cops to gay roommates, from romantic sex to alpha males and their conquests, this bundle has it all!

A note to readers: These stories have appeared in other bundles, and they are all available separately at our regular price. This is a limited time collection, so grab it now!

Tricks of the Trade
Show & Tell
Private Lessons
His Blow-Up Boyfriend
He Feels Pretty
Dirty Cop
A Perfect Fit
A Shot in the Ass
Secret Weekends
Temporary Custody

Available now: