March 22, 2013

Taboo Moms & Sexy Sons!

Overcome with emotion and lonely after the death of her husband, Summer is thrilled when her stepson Gabe comes home for a visit. He’s young, handsome, and fun to be with, and she hopes that he will help her work through her confusion and loneliness. 

But when she finds herself drawn to him in ways that aren’t very motherly, she isn’t sure how to proceed. She decides to pretend it isn’t happening, but it isn’t long before Gabe picks up on the desires she’s trying to ignore. That’s when he takes matters into his own hot young hands. 

This story (6000 wds.) contains one lonely cougar, one sexy younger stepson, oral sex, vaginal sex, ass play, and grief therapy that no doctor would approve!

NOTE: The cover has been changed on Amazon, due to their erotica policy.

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