March 14, 2013

No More Secrets...My Three Uncles Part 3!

Lizzie, living away from home for the first time, has got it made. The cool car, the great job, the fantastic place to live – it’s all hers, thanks to her loving uncles. As she grows closer to each of them, though, she’s astounded at the number of secrets that they are keeping from one another. After all, her dad’s three stepbrothers have given her everything she needs to be happy, and she wants them to be happy, too. 

Determined to fix everything, Lizzie decides on a plan of action to get everything out in the open. As close as they are, she seems to know more about them than they do about each other. But when it comes time to reveal the many secrets she carries, all these surprises just might get out of hand!

This story is the third and final installment of the Family Secrets series by Coyote Rose. It contains three older men, one hot younger niece, oral sex, anal sex, group sex, a touch of lesbian play, and office sex. All characters are of legal age. 7000 wds.

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