March 14, 2013

Gay Mirrors - Owen Loves His Readers

Owen is nothing if not accommodating. We've gotten several emails from readers who ask for the brother books - without the brothers. They love his stories, but taboo doesn't really do it for them. 

No problem! Owen took up the challenge like a champ, and had a ball doing these stories as a thank you for our readers. Check out his page for more!

What do you do when you’ve got the hots for one of the most popular guys in your apartment building, but he doesn’t have a clue? Seth is has that problem – he really wants to get a taste of Jeremy, but the younger man is one of the most popular guys around, and probably not interested in an older man.

But Seth knows that Jeremy has one weakness, and he’s got a trick up his sleeve. Can he get the younger man’s attention and make his dreams come true?

This 4000 wd. story contains two sexy neighbors, lots of digital and oral sex, one very useful blow-up doll. 

A note to readers: This is a non-taboo mirror story adapted from Big Brother Blow-Up by Owen Burke, from the Family Fuck Buddies collection.

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