March 14, 2013

Backwoods Bound - Rough Sex with Rowdy Rednecks!

Chilton is just trying to do her job, but when her job involves going to the back end of nowhere to check out an insurance claim - alone - she tries to put her foot down. It doesn't work, though, so here she is - ten miles from the nearest neighbor on a farm full of the roughest men she's ever seen. 

As it turns out, Pop and his boys are very happy to see her - but not for the reasons she expects. They've got a different sort of job in mind, whether she wants it or not. Contains one sexy but timid insurance agent, three guys who haven't seen a woman in far too long, and a night that makes Chilton question her own sanity. Rough anal, oral and vaginal sex, 5000 wds.

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