March 21, 2013

A Perfect Fit - Gay Mirror Story

Dillon has a new job, but feels completely out of his depth in the corporate world. When a friend suggested that he get a few tips from Martin, his father’s suave and sexy partner, he thinks that's a great idea. 

The only problem is that while Martin is helping him with hems and seams, he feels the first stirrings of gay desire. Should he ignore it and try to hide it from Martin, or should he go with the feelings that are leading him down this path?

This 4500 wd. story contains two hot men enjoying an afternoon of public sex, oral sex and anal sex. Before it's over with, they've tried out every dressing room in the city, gained the ire of several dressing room attendants, and discovered that getting caught just might be half the fun. 

A note to readers: this story is a non-taboo adaptation of Big Brother’s Perfect Fit by Owen Burke, from the Family Fuck Buddies collection.

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