November 09, 2012

Wish Granted!

Harriet is a beautiful curvy woman who is spoiled rotten by her loving husband. She knows she’s got a good life, and she dearly loves Michael, but she’s always kept one curious little fantasy in the back of her mind. Just once, she would like to indulge in a bit of rough sex play. Really rough. She wants to be taken by force – raped.

She’s always wondered what it would be like. The problem is that Michael just can’t fathom ever being that way with her. He loves her, after all, so why would she want him to do those things? Harriet knows that it will always be just a quirky little dream. Until one night, that is, when she’s home alone and suddenly it isn’t just a fantasy anymore.

This story is 4000 wds. of rough sex, rape fantasy, and one beautiful, well-loved woman.

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