November 28, 2012

Snowswept - Carolina Moon's Newest Erotic Romance!

When a sudden snowstorm leaves Crista trapped in her lakeside cabin without food or heat, her only option is to seek help from the strange man who lives nearby. He's the only other human on the lake at this time of year, but he's also a complete mystery to everyone. 

Mason Malone is hiding - from his past, his family, and his life. But when he comes to the rescue of beautiful and curvy Christa on the near side of the lake, he begins to feel a glimmer of happiness, and realizes that he's been alone for far too long.

As they get to know each other, the heat between them sparks into a flame to warm the coldest of winters. But things - and people - aren't always what they seem, and when Crista discovers Mason's secret, she has to make some heartbreaking decisions - fast!

15,000 wds.

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