November 09, 2012

Old Money (A Bizarre and Erotic Romance)

In the Roaring Twenties, everything was louder, happier, and more hilarious. Even when there were werewolves around.
Oh. And vampires. And toward the end, tentacles. Tentacles are hilarious.

Luanda and Johnny are attending the party of the year, and both are trying to catch their hosts, the mysterious and wealthy Seregali family, in a massive bootlegging operation. The problem is, our two detectives keep getting distracted - by one another. It's probably a good thing, too, because closer inspection might reveal the dark nature of the crime family and tumble them into a world that they'd rather avoid. Or ignore.

This uproarious erotic comedy (very erotic – you'll blush. And cringe. This little book is filthy.) takes a look at that wild time and place and highlights our most endearing monsters, who were totally there. There is sex, romance, parody, weirdness, and even a touch of horror. Look at that woman on the cover – she's distraught!

Actually, the entire book is just a bit horrible – in its own special way, of course. Like a train wreck. You'll just keep reading, because HUH? We don't promise that you'll love it, but you will always, always remember it.

And it really is for mature audiences with a sense of humor. Don't look at us like that - it's a sex parody, for crying out loud! At 12,000 wds, it is just long enough to haunt you forever.

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