November 09, 2012

Hard At Work - Owen Burke

Owen Burke is proud to offer this sexy collection of hot guys who find even hotter sex - at work. Massage therapists with the perfect touch, ranch hands who know how to please the boss, and forceful cops who know just when to take advantage of the situation all come together in these stories to give you a wild ride. Grab this three-pack now!

Collection includes:
Don't Tell Daddy - Ray loves his job working the ranch. It’s quiet and peaceful, and the fact that he’s sleeping with both of the boss’s sons is just icing on the cake. Of course, they don’t know about each other, and they both want to keep their secret safe from dad. 
But what happens when the boss wants to get in on the action? Can Ray handle all three of them or will he have to finally tell their daddy everything?

A Shot In The Ass - Blake is a gifted therapist with a specialized hands-on technique that keeps his most prominent male clients coming back for more. Taking full advantage of doctor/patient privilege, his only concern is that none of the other physicians at the clinic find out what he's up to.
When he gets caught, though, it isn't his job that's up for grabs. Armed with video evidence, the head doctor confronts him - and asks for some treatment of his own.

Temporary Custody - When Jackson gets caught in a routine traffic stop and searched, the cop finds his buddy’s stash. Great. His dad will be mad, he’ll get kicked out of college, and he might even spend some time in jail. No matter what he says, he can’t convince the cop that the stuff isn’t his….but he can take him up on his offer to wipe the record clean. 

This bundle contains 14,000 words of older gay men with younger men, authority figures, gay sex, and lots of first encounter action. All characters depicted are of legal age.

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