November 19, 2012

A BBW Soft & Sexy Christmas Romance!

Every year, Evan steals a kiss from Rissa at a mutual friend's Christmas party and then disappears. This year, though, she's decided to be the one to slip away into the night. The only problem is that he's found out who she is, and now he seems determined to entangle her in the affairs of his very rich family. 

Rissa resents her newest catering assignment, but there's nothing she can do about it. She'll just have to put up with the Brogan family and their infuriating son until this job is finished. Evan refuses to leave her alone, and the more she has to deal with him, the more frustrated she becomes, until the big night arrives and she has to rethink everything she knows about Evan Brogan.

This story contains one curvy, sexy caterer and one alpha male who's determined to kiss her under every mistletoe he can find! Explicit scenes. 15,000 words.

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