October 08, 2012

Family Fuck Buddies 3

Owen Burke is on fire again with a third collection of steamy gay taboo stories. Each one is sure to curl your toes in just the right way. Inside, you'll find:

Big Brother's Panties

David is sharing an apartment with his sexy older step-brother, Chris. After a while, he notices that Chris has developed some unusual habits, and he’s dying to figure out what’s going on. When he finally decides to do some spying, he’s delighted to discover a whole new side of the older man. Getting caught, though, will definitely change their relationship!
This story contains a curious gay man, his sexy older brother, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, and an interesting lingerie twist! All characters are 18+. No blood relation intended.

Brother Bull
Mike knew better than to do business with family, but he did it anyway. Now, while business is good, his brother-in-law and partner Jordan is threatening to bring the whole thing crashing down around their heads. Can Mike rein him in and get him under control before they end up in real trouble?
This (3500 wd.) story contains explicit adult content, including two horny guys, a garage, oral sex, and rough anal sex (with tools!).

Big Brother Beach Crush
Rudy has been able to ignore his crush on his step-brother, Brice, for a long time, but now he has an invitation to spend the summer with the older man. With college just behind him and the next few months free, there's really nothing stopping him...except the fear that his own fantasies might get out of hand.
This 3500 wd. story contains two sexy brothers, one beach trip, masturbation, and oral sex in a public place.

Big Brother's Perfect Fit
Chris has a new job, but feels completely out of his depth in the corporate world. When a friend suggested that he get a few tips from his suave and sexy older brother, Rob, he thinks that's a great idea. 
The only problem is that while Rob is helping him with hems and seams, he feels the first stirrings of gay desire for his brother. Before it's over with, they've tried out every dressing room in the city, and getting caught just might be half the fun.

Over 12,000 words of hot men in hotter situations! 

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