October 08, 2012

A Tangle of Tentacles!

In this collection, Coyote Rose offers a bundle of three tantalizing tentacle tales. Fun and sexy, these women experience what happens when you get caught in a hurricane, try to adopt a strange new pet, or attempt to save the world. Not for the faint of heart, this 13,000 wd. 3-pack will make you shiver (for the right reasons)! 
Inside, you’ll find:

Sexy Suzie and the Sushi Monster

Suzie and Chef Renny, also known as the famous Sushi Monster, work at the same restaurant and are having an affair. But during one of their rendezvous, he brings a creature given to him by the fishermen at the dock and Suzie, thinking it is just a baby, takes it home as her new pet. Can Suzie handle a real sushi monster? Lots of rowdy kitchen sex, big surprises in small boxes, and sushi monster tentacle sex! 

Tentacles For Tammy

Tammy just wants to hide out from the impending hurricane like she always does - drinking a little and masturbating to her favorite gangbang fantasy. But when her landlord calls and orders her to the basement that she didn't know she had, Tammy has no choice but to hide down below and ride out the storms.
Once she gets settled in on the musty old cot, though, she suddenly isn't alone. Something is in there with her, and while it may be more dangerous than anything Mother Nature could throw at her, it also manages to make her wildest dreams come true! This story contains deep, dark holes, fabulous gangbang fantasies, monster sex, and one bewildered but happy woman!

Lake Monster Gangbang

Laurie Nelson is enjoying the sights and sounds of the local carnival when she discovers that one of the barkers has got a poor, helpless (although large) creature locked up and on display. Laurie is an activist at heart, and she knows immediately that she has to do something. She hatches a plan to release ‘Luki the Lake Monster’ back into the wild. 
As she puts her plan into action, though, she finds out that the situation is worse than she thought – what the carnival workers do with Luki after dark is horrid and unmentionable! She’s more determined than ever, but what happens when she’s finally left alone with Luki? Will she free the monster or become her biggest fan?
A fun, sexy story about the problems of an animal rights activist when she’s faced with horny carnival workers, a tankful of tentacles, and the sexiest monster in the world!

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