September 18, 2012

Tentacles For Tammy

Yes. We did.
We absolutely had to jump on this particular bandwagon (monsterwagon?), just because these are so much fun to write! Since it turns out that, surprisingly, none of us has ever had sex with anything tentaclish (tentacly?), we sort of collaborated on these stories, although Coyote has shamelessly taken the credit. Hope you like them!

Tammy just wants to hide out from the impending hurricane like she always does - drinking a little and masturbating to her favorite gangbang fantasy. But when her landlord calls and orders her to the basement that she didn't know she had, Tammy has no choice but to hide down below and ride out the storms.

Once she gets settled in on the musty old cot, though, she realizes that she isn't alone. Something is down here with her, and while it may be more dangerous than anything Mother Nature could throw at her, it also manages to make her wildest dreams come true! 

This story contains deep, dark holes, fabulous gangbang fantasies, monster sex, and one bewildered but happy woman! 4000 wds.

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