September 18, 2012

Meet Lucy - Our First Erotic Fairy Tale!

Lucy tries to do what’s right all of the time, and in the interest of helping, she’s ended up with the loveliest of antique boxes. Made from the finest metals, the box is definitely a prized possession. Lucy is especially fascinated by the etchings on the lid. The trouble is, she can’t get it open. No matter what she tries, the lid won’t budge…unless she masturbates. The box seems to like it when she does that.

As she becomes more comfortable with the intriguing relic, she begins to uncover its secrets. And soon, the box becomes her very own secret. The only question is…will she survive the surprise it offers?

A modern erotic fairy tale that breathes sensuality and surprise. Be careful what you wish for…. 

This story contains masturbation, sex toys, and tentacles – all rolled into one unforgettably sexy fairy tale! 5000 wds.

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