August 21, 2012

Big Brother Is Watching

Two great pieces of news!
First, we are proud to announce that Rainbow eBooks is now one of our distribution partners! This tickles us to death, because it's such a great site. If you haven't checked them out, do that HERE! They're classy and cool, and they offer a great shopping experience. ButtonFly will be adding gay titles to their storefront soon!

Second, Owen has been hard a work on a series of stories that are close to his heart, and it's finally time to share them with you! We'll be adding them over the next few posts, so be sure to check in often. These are some of the steamiest stories we've ever read, and readers evidently agree, because they've quickly become some of our best sellers. So...if you're in the mood for sexy PI action between the boys, we can scratch that itch.

Chuck only gets one night to himself a week, and he likes to spend it watching gay porn. When he gets caught by his dream guy – his straight step-brother, Brandon – he tries to hide his little secret, but discovers that Brandon is curious about his gay lifestyle. Will watching be enough for Brandon, or will Chuck finally get a taste of his big brother?

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