August 09, 2012

Fetish FuckFest - Broaden Your Horizons!

Frolick in the fetish! Introducing our new fetish sampler for hungry readers who wish to try out new kinds of stories. Inside you'll find three hot stories from Coyote Rose that explore roleplaying, voyeurism, and spanking - all in one bundle! 
Check out:

I Like To Watch: Diary of a Voyeur: When Cass caught her best friend in the act of sex, she wanted to sneak away, but couldn't. She'd never suspected that the act of watching others make love could turn her on so much. Soon, she is sneaking through the neighborhood, catching sight of her neighbors, the lesbians down the street, and one lucky threesome. With her own boyfriend out of town, she has plenty of time to explore this new interest. When her boyfriend returns to town, will he join her? Or does he have a few surprises of his own?

Road Games: Ellen promised to watch out for her best friend's son when he went off to college, and she's doing a fine job. She's always had a thing for the young studs, especially when they agree to be and do anything she wants!

Ice Cold Gangbang: Ice Cold Gangbang: Lacey is alone and scared in the biggest storm of the decade when a knock at the door brings her sexy soldiers...and a great way to stay warm!

These stories (15,000 wds.) offers a glimpse into the sexy world of fetishes and the people who play. Includes rough sex, role play, ganbang sex, and voyeurism.
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