January 30, 2015

Treasure You - Erotic Romance

When Dr. Saul Cole sees Jordan Hill by chance on a busy street, it’s love at first sight. And when he sees her get hit by a car seconds later, his heart shatters. It feels like she’s been swept away before he could even know her. 

Jordan is precious, a light in his otherwise dull world. He will do anything at all to protect her – even if that means killing to keep her safe. 

This story contains insta-love. It also contains one hot doctor and the woman he wants more than anything on earth. 

Genre: Erotic Romance 
Length: 20,000 words 

Recommended Dosage - Gay Erotica!

Blake Thompson's gift is his own special brand of sports medicine - physical therapy that is very hands-on and personal. When he sinks to his knees to please his clients, it's a guarantee that they'll be back for more of his healing touch. 

But someone important is watching, and if the Blake's boss finds out just why he's in such demand, it could cost him everything...or gain him all the pleasure he could ever want. Featuring one hot doctor, his hard and willing patients, and an unvited boss that offers Blake more than just a raise! 

Genre: Gay Erotica 
Length: 10,000 words or thirty pages

Hard Bodies & Hot Nights

Tyler’s New Year’s resolution is to join a gym and actually go there every day. So when his personal trainer turns out to be Miguel, the hottest guy he’s ever seen, that resolution gets much easier to keep. Especially after that one time in the shower… 

As for anything more? Maybe, if they can get their schedules to line up. But it seems like everything in the world is standing between them, and Tyler is determined to get the answers to a few questions, like whether the fire between them will burn as hot in the bedroom as it did in the locker room shower. He has a feeling it will, and he’ll do just about anything to find out.