July 01, 2014

New Gay Daddies!

A special collection of EIGHT delicious new gay taboo stories by Owen Burke!

These gay men know what they want and know where to get it – close to home. The older men who know them best want to show them the ropes, and these guys are more than willing to learn all they can. Forbidden, fun, and full of surprises.

If you like bareback, beautiful, and absolutely scorching gay men, grab Owen's new taboo bundle!

Contains eight steamy stories about sex between stepfathers and stepsons. Adults only, please!

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June 19, 2014

Red Hot Box: Volume 2!

This second steamy volume of bite-size stories from two bestselling erotica authors have a little something for everyone!

Coyote Rose and Owen Burke have teamed up to bring you TWENTY teasing, flirting, fun and delicious tales, each one the perfect size to enjoy in a few stolen moments. Whether you enjoy the love of sensual men and women or the raw, pounding love of gay attraction, you’ll find it inside this book - there’s something here to stroke your sexy-bone and keep you company on those hot steamy nights!

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Adam's Brat - Brothers and Sisters!

Tressa has played around with the boys in her class, but now she’s ready for the real thing. She has a long line of young men who are up for the job, but she has her heart set on just one guy: Adam, her brother. In her head, it’s perfect – he’s hot and sexy, and he’s always been there for her. Always. 

No more teasing, touching and then going to bed lonely, especially when the guy she really wants lives less than a hundred feet from her bedroom door. She’s pretty sure Adam is interested but worried about the taboo nature of their relationship. Now, she only has to convince him that there nothing wrong with being her first.

15,000 words

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